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Beth Walker

Beth Walker

Beth Walker is a Content Strategist who is passionate about storytelling. She leads our In-House writing team and works closely with clients and Inbound Strategists to ensure all the content SMA creates meets SEO best practices and tells each client's unique story.
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Why SEO Should be a Focus of any Content Strategy

As a small business owner, you are juggling too many balls to waste time on fruitless marketing efforts. Not only is it frustrating, but it's also a waste of money. Whether you are promoting your company yourself or paying a marketer, if your .

Duplicate Content: More Isn't Better for SEO

Duplicate content is identified in two ways. First, it's recognized as content that is repeated from one site to another, or multiple pages on the same site have large sections of information that say the same thing. Either way, publishing duplicate.

Web Design and Development Services: How to Find the Right Agency for Your Business

Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and companies who are trying to break into the big arenas and competing for consumer attention online can seem elusive, expensive, and downright exhausting.

What is Digital Advertising and How does it Work?

Digital advertising uses digital channels and other platforms to communicate and promote a company's brand, products, or services. It consists of actions performed by web browsers, social media sites, blogs, and apps.

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