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Beth Walker

Beth Walker

Beth Walker joined the SMA team in 2016. Her daily life currently includes cheering on her husband and sons from the sidelines of multiple athletic events as well as balancing work and writing on her blog Lessons from the Sidelines and contributing to The Glorious Table. She usually has a journal, pen, and a strong cup of coffee close.

Recent Posts

Why Content Marketing Shortcuts are Dangerous

While few things in life ring consistently true, one statement I always find myself admitting (with a hint of disappointment) is shortcuts don’t work. An athlete who doesn’t spend time lifting weights isn’t going to stay competitive. A musician.

How to Answer the How

People search Google for two reasons: To answer a question or to solve a problem. This makes content marketing an excellent opportunity to attract customers and build trust than by educating them on how to solve pain points through their buyer’s.

Write Better Faster Blog Content

If we only needed to string words together to write a blog post I would agree with the meme “being a writer is 3% hard work and 97% not getting distracted by the internet.” But as we all know, there is much more to developing excellent marketing.

When and Why to Guest Post

While it may seem like a poor ROI on your time to create content for someone else’s website, writing a guest post can have several benefits when executed strategically. With a little bit of research, bloggers can leverage guest posting to expand.

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