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Beth Walker

Beth Walker

Beth Walker is a Content Strategist who is passionate about storytelling. She leads our In-House writing team and works closely with clients and Inbound Strategists to ensure all the content SMA creates meets SEO best practices and tells each client's unique story.
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NAP, Citations and Local SEO

It's no secret that voice search is on the rise. Whether it's "Alexa," “Hey Siri,” or “Hey Google,” the ability to search the internet while driving or cooking is a convenience many people happily embrace. Voice search optimization has become a.

Networking and Local SEO

As a small business owner, you know there are many things you can hire a marketing agency to do for you. Everything from writing blog articles, emails, and special offers to creating images or videos, and even PPC services are easily delegated so.

The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your Google Business Profile

Developing a diverse local SEO strategy for companies with brick-and-mortar addresses or clearly defined service areas includes establishing and optimizing a Google Business Profile (abbreviated GBP for this article).

Use SEO Content Best Practices To Get in Front of Your Ideal Client

A well-designed content marketing strategy focuses on solving your ideal client's pain points. When you align your SEO strategy and content strategy and prioritize writing for your buyer persona, you will find that your target audience grows. I'll.

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