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Amanda Marra

Amanda Marra

Amanda is an online graduate student of the University of Florida, studying Digital Strategy. Working and studying from her home office in Melbourne, FL, she is passionate about content creation, inbound strategy, and SEO. As a Florida native, she enjoys spending her spare time at the beach and hanging out with her beloved dogs, Bentley and Kona.
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Online reviews are important for a number of reasons, particularly because of their ability to impact your rankings in local search engines and how they affect which search results rank highest. This makes online reviews critical to your SEO.

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Whether you are in sales or services, you’ve probably heard of the term inbound marketing. But, what exactly does it mean?

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Unlike many other social platforms, LinkedIn is an excellent channel for personal branding and helping yourself stand out against other professionals. With a social network of over 500 million, it is important to recognize some best practices.

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