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7 Simple Steps to Building a Better Local SEO Strategy [Infographic]

Jan 11, 2016
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For a long time, all a small business needed to do was put a listing in the Yellow Pages, deliver great services and they would thrive. Needless to say, things have changed. The “good old days” of the Yellow Pages are dead and gone forever. Today, when a consumer has a need, they pick up their smart phone and search the internet for a solution. The question is, if someone in your local area searches for the products and services you provide, does your business show up?

Business listings are the foundation of solid local SEO strategy. Many small and local businesses are missing out on attracting new customers simply because their listings are either non-existent or incorrect. While the world of online marketing and SEO can seem intimidating, there are actually some very simple and practical steps you can take to help get your business noticed. Below is an infographic with seven simple steps you can take to improve your businesses visibility online.

7 Simple Steps to Building a Better Local SEO Strategy

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Want more? Check out these awesome stats from "6 Local SEO Stats Every Online Marketer Needs To Know" by 

1. Local Searches Lead 50% Of Mobile Visitors To Visit Stores Within One Day
2. More Than 60% Of Consumers Have Used Local Information In Ads
  • 67% of smartphone users want ads customized via city and ZIP code, and 61% want ads customized to their immediate surroundings.
  • 61% use the address or phone number in the ad.
  • 68% use the “Get Directions” or “Call” buttons.
3. 88% Of Consumers Trust Online Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations
4. Business Address/Location Is The Primary Piece Of Information Sought By Local Searchers
5. 18% Of Local Mobile Searches Lead To A Sale Within One Day
6. 50% Of Mobile Users Prefer A Mobile Browser To A Mobile App

While this process works, it does take a lot of time. To help make it easier on you, we have a local listing scanner you can use for free. This scanner will find where your business is, and is not listed, as well as let you know where your listings are inconsistent or incorrect. Get your free local listing scan here and build a strong local SEO foundation for your business.

Local SEO scanner - Local SEO agency Melbourne FL


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Ryan Shelley, CPBI

By Ryan Shelley, CPBI

Ryan is passionate about helping companies make a more personal connection online with their customers and prospects. He is a regular contributor to Search Engine Land, the largest and most popular SEO news site on the web. His works have also been featured on the HubSpot Blog, Business2Community and by LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.

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