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5 Excellent Infographics and How They Made the Grade

Jun 15, 2016
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5 excellent infographics


If a picture is worth a thousand words, an amazing infographic is worth a thousand shares.

Infographics have seen an increase in popularity over the past few years as we search for unique and captivating ways to tell a story online, capitalizing on our audience’s limited attention span and desire for quick bites of information. An infographic can tell a whole story or it can summarize an article in a way that leads the reader to want to click on the entire story. Our brains process visual information more quickly than text, so infographics are a great way to put a unique and creative spin on data or fact-based information.

Research compiled by MGD Advertising shows that:

  • Content featuring compelling images averages 94% more total views than those without.
  • Online views per press release is increased 77% over straight text when press releases also contain images, video, charts and other multi-media. (Source: MDG Advertising)

A great infographic tells a story in a visual way, often illustrating facts and data in an organized image that simplifies a complicated subject. The most successful infographics are ones that present information in a way that is easy to read and understand. They use graphic design elements such as fonts, color, spacing, and focal points to draw the eye to key pieces of information.

Excellent infographics are educational and informative. They add value and include research and references to original sources. This positions the creator as an expert on the subject, increasing their credibility. Building trust among readers increases the publisher’s reputation as a thought leader in their field.

An awesome infographic is shareable. It’s so good that readers want to either save it for later (pin it to Pinterest or share to Twitter or Facebook to bookmark it) or share it with their colleagues. This kind of social sharing can yield big results when an infographic goes viral. By making infographics embeddable, they can be used as content by others. The backlinks that can be generated from a successful infographic are important for SEO efforts.

So let’s take a look at 5 Excellent Infographics and How They Made the Grade

A+ in Simplicity

This infographic titled How to Increase Productivity at Work by gets an A+ in simplicity. It illustrates a topic that has many facets, yet does so in a way that is easy to understand and digest. It summarizes the topic and makes the reader want to know more. It draws the reader in with the use of simple yet entertaining graphics and limited text.

How to Increase Productivity at Work Infographic

A+ in Shareability

This infographic from about social media automation is an excellent example of illustrating a topic that is on-trend and useful. When an infographic contains information that is valuable to a wide range of readers, it’s highly shareable. The use of simple graphics and color makes the subject easy to understand, which will lead readers to share it because they know their colleagues will find it valuable and easy to read as well.

Courtesy of: Simplilearn


A+ in Use of Color and Fonts

An infographic doesn’t have to be full of bright colors and fancy fonts to attract attention. In fact, colors and fonts that are easy to read and easy on the eyes are best. gets an A+ grade for their infographic about email drip campaigns. This image outlines a somewhat lengthy subject in a way that is easy to read, using consistent text which stands out (black against a light background and white against a dark background) and fonts that are simple and readable. Keep in mind that when infographics are read, they are often seen on a mobile device or as an image in a social media feed or on Pinterest. The image is very small and so the font and colors play a big part in the image being readable and understandable.

5 Email Drip Campaigns That Increase Sales – Infographic

A+ in Visualization

An excellent infographic helps the reader visualize a subject in a way that is easy to understand. It educates the reader on a subject. By breaking down a complicated subject in a simplified manner through the use of graphics, it helps the reader understand it in a way that straight text cannot. MDG Advertising makes an A+ grade for presenting statistics and research done on the subject of visual images in online marketing. Many pieces of data are illustrated in a way that’s easy to comprehend. It’s visually pleasing and easy to read.

It’s All About the Images [infographic by MDG Advertising]
by MDG Advertising

A+ in Storytelling

A great infographic tells a story. It draws the reader in, entertaining them and holding their interest, making them want to know more. Although every type of infographic should tell a story, an infographic that literally tells a story through a timeline can be very effective in laying out a history of events. This image from tells the story of terrible technology predictions in an amusing way through a visual timeline. It gets an A+ not only for storytelling, but all of the other four criteria as well!

A Timeline of Terrible Tech Predictions #infographicYou can also find more infographics at Visualistan

Are you ready to know how you can create your own awesome infographics? Next week, stop by for our article on tools and tips that non-designers can use for creating amazing infographics. Until then, take a look at 8 Visual Content Tools to Increase Engagement to learn about some easy-to-use tools to create your own original images. And be sure to download our guide to SEO and Inbound Marketing Tools That Actually Work.

SEO Tool and Inbound Marketing Tools That Actually Work

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