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5 Easy Online Tools to Create Awesome Infographics

Jun 22, 2016
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5_Easy_Online_Tools_to_Create_Awesome_Infographics.jpgYou don’t have to be a graphic designer to create compelling and unique infographics.

Creating an infographic that tells a story in a simple and visually appealing way, that’s easy to understand, is something that even an inexperienced visual content creator can master. Keeping in mind the main elements of an awesome infographic from last week’s post will help you stay on target.

To be successful at illustrating data and telling a story, an infographic should:

  • Be simple and uncluttered
  • Use fonts and colors effectively
  • Be shareable
  • Be visually easy to read and understand
  • Tell a story

There are a few things you want to avoid when creating an infographic such as using too many fonts and colors, being inconsistent with design elements, cluttering the image with too many graphics and too much information, and not having a storyline. For a great article from on this subject, click here

Fortunately there are some awesome web-based tools you can use to create infographics that rock! Try these out the next time you are creating an infographic for your blog or website:


Canva is a very popular image creation tool. If you’re already using Canva for other visual content, then using it for infographics will be a snap. There are several free layouts available and tons of design elements and icons to use to create an infographic that pops. After you create one infographic with it, you’ll wonder why you never tried it before! Here’s a look at one of their fun layouts and some of the many icons you can add to your design.




Piktochart is an online tool that’s great for creating many different types of online visual content, including infographics. When you first set up your Piktochart account and start designing, there are on-screen guides to help you navigate all the design features. There are several free templates available, and the option to upgrade will unlock other more elaborate designs. The free templates are enough to get you started. There are tons of icons, images and other design elements available in the free version. And the editing interface is very easy to use. With so many templates and options, it makes even a novice infographic designer look like a pro!




Like Piktochart, Visme can be used to create infographics as well as other digital content. There are free and premium templates to use and it allows you to illustrate data in a visually appealing and organized way. There is one free template, but many different design elements that can be added. It’s easy to use although it lacks some of the design options that Piktochart includes in their free version. Take a look at their free template below. All the visual and text elements are added with a simple click. It’s perfect for graphics rookies like myself!




Easelly is another web-based infographic tool that includes more than a dozen free templates and lots of arrows, icons, objects and other design elements to add to your infographics. There aren’t as many free options on Easelly as some of the other sites, but it’s worth testing out to see if you like the user interface and options well enough to invest in the pro version. One cool feature that Easelly offers is the option to share your infographic to the site so other users can see it. This gives you the ability to browse other users’ designs for inspiration.




Venngage is another awesome tool for creating not only infographics but other visual content and social media assets. The infographic design templates are labeled as beginner, intermediate and advanced so you can choose the template that best suits your design capabilities and the complexity of the data and image you are creating. The option to embed other media within the infographic is a neat feature. You’ll also appreciate the charts and graphs feature which allows you to either create a chart/graph using a data table you can populate within the app or that is uploaded from Google sheets.



Are you inspired to create your own infographics now? Give these tools a try and use the templates and elements that each offers as inspiration for your design. Plan out the story you want to tell, gather your data, decide on the fonts and colors you’ll use, and give it a go!

Are there other online infographic tools that you use? Comment below! We love recommendations.

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