4 Ways to Maintain Brand Consistency

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The brand voice is the consistent tone and personality of a brand. Brand consistency is maintaining that brand voice across all marketing channels, as well as keeping your brand promise intact. It’s not an easy task to maintain brand consistency, but there are some strategies you can use to help you do it! In this blog post, we’ll discuss 4 ways to maintain brand consistency and keep your customers coming back for more!

Maintain Brand Consistency: 4 Ways

Set Brand Guidelines

Brand consistency is not an easy task, but brand guidelines or a style guide, help keep everything together and look coherent to your target audience or brand specifications. When it comes to design necessities like color palettes, logos, fonts, stock photos, and brand voice, be sure to set standards across the board of marketing materials so you can maintain that brand cohesion!

Elements of branding guidelines:

  • Colors: The color schemes and palette are two of the most important aspects of your style guide. A great brand and website have a unique color palette that fits with its overall aesthetic.
  • Logo: Set standards for how you want your logo displayed in various formats. Make sure to include color variations that are allowed, as well as vertical and horizontal formatting guidelines.
  • Fonts: Traditional fonts come in a variety of styles and weights, so it’s important to select a style that works well with the design. A limited number of fonts should be rotated as part of your branding strategy to help achieve brand recognition.
  • Images: Make sure to include specific guidelines in your style guide on what types of images you’d like included in your brand assets and how they should be used (i.e.: always cropped at a certain size). You can also provide brand specifications for stock photography that fits with the overall aesthetic of the brand, including parameters such as theme, color, and style.
  • Copy: Copywriting is an art of selection and usage. Using unique words, phrases, and sentences in your copy says a lot about who you are. Punctuation as well as other text standards may be used to keep a consistent message. Is your company’s branding casual enough to utilize contractions or does your brand have more of a formal tone?
  • Tone: What would your company’s personality be if it were personified? What are some of the traits that you’d want to be immediately apparent to your customers? A hair salon may have a cheerful and inviting atmosphere, while a legal firm should use a more serious and dependable tone for its brand.

Establish an Approval Process

A brand voice can be difficult to maintain across all marketing channels and materials, so having a brand approval process in place is crucial. Maintaining brand consistency starts with your marketing team members and employees, but you’ll also need a sort of checklist for any outside vendors or freelancers that work on the brand assets.

Reviewing content and assets will ensure that brand standards are being met. From there you can approve or reject the materials and make sure everything is in line with your brand voice!

Create a Content Calendar

A brand content calendar is a tool for scheduling brand assets, such as blog and social media posts. It helps keep track of what you’ve published when so your brand voice doesn’t lose its flair! Keeping up with all the various marketing channels can be difficult to do, but having everything in one place will ensure that brand consistency isn’t lost. Creating brand consistency is no easy task, so having a content calendar can help keep you organized!

Remain Authentic in Your Messaging

The brand voice is who your brand wants to be and authenticity will determine whether or not you’ll connect with the right audience. This can prove difficult since we’re trying our best to appeal to as many people as possible in today’s world of marketing! Authentic messaging is important for brand recognition though, so it needs to remain a priority when maintaining brand consistency.

Maintaining a brand voice is something that should be done across all marketing channels including social media, print materials, and website copy. And don’t forget to make sure your brand guidelines are being followed too! Your brand continuity will only benefit from this authenticity since you’ll have an audience who trusts what you’re putting out there.

Importance of Brand Consistency

Maintain brand consistency across all channels. Customers expect the same message, tone of voice, and interactions when they visit your website or social media account as they do when speaking to a customer service representative on the phone. Ensure that every touchpoint is consistent with other brand materials so customers feel like their experience was positive no matter how it’s delivered.

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