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Digital marketing is a must for any business looking to get exposure today. But getting starting can be very confusing. Whether you are looking to do it yourself or hire outside help, having a good understanding of how digital marketing works will help ensure you have success. In this video, I share 4 courses you need to invest time into today.

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Hey. Thanks for checking out this video. If this is your first time watching or maybe you’ve been watching a while and haven’t yet subscribed to our channel, we would love for you to do so now. We create new content each and every week to help you get the most out of your marketing activities online.

In this episode, we’re going to be sharing four free digital marketing courses that we highly recommend. These are courses that we’ve taken ourselves, that I’ve taken personally myself, and I find that they’ve been extremely helpful to further my knowledge in digital marketing and get the most out of what we’re doing online.

Google Analytics for Beginners

Let’s start with the first one. The first one is Google Analytics For Beginners. Most people online are using Google Analytics to check out their data and analyze their user behavior, but not everybody understands how to set up their account properly or how Google Analytics works.

This course is awesome. I mean, the course overview is going to walk you through Introduction To Analytics, how it’s laid out, basic reporting, how to use campaign conversion tracking, things of that nature. This is going to help you get the most out of your Google Analytics setup. It’s easy. It’s not something that requires you to be really tech-heavy to understand what’s going on here. I promise you, by taking this course, you’re going to have a much better understanding of how Google Analytics works and how you can put it to work for you.

The next is also a Google tool or training course. This is for Google AdWords so if you’re spending money in AdWords you need to understand how AdWords works. You need to understand how their ranking works when it comes to ads. This free course is going to give you the insights that you need to get the most out of your Google Analytics. Now, a lot of times when you only use the automated features inside the tool with recommendations it’s not always going to give you the best recommendations. What I mean by that is it’s sometimes going to do things that in the training will teach you one way, but the automated tool might nudge you into maybe adding more keywords than you need for a particular ad group.

By taking this course, you’re going to have a much better understanding of how AdWords works, how the algorithm works inside of AdWords, how to structure your ads to get more clicks, and get more bang for your buck. If you’re doing ads online, take some time, invest in yourself and take this Ads Academy course. Get started and train. Google’s going to walk you through it. Again, these are very easy courses. Anybody can take these courses and learn how AdWords works.

HubSpot Inbound Certification

The next free course is the free inbound certification from HubSpot. Now HubSpot’s got a ton of great training courses in their HubSpot Academy, but if you’re doing inbound marketing, looking at inbound marketing, you want to learn more about inbound marketing this is a great course for you. You can either sign up with a HubSpot account, which is free or you can sign up with single sign-on or using your Google account.

When you sign in this course is going to give you access to an awesome curriculum that’s going to give you the full understanding of how inbound works and how, again, you can put it to work for you. If you’ve already started with content marketing and blogging and you’re looking at ways that you can bring it all together, inbound might be that thing for you. This course is going to give you those step-by-step insights. Now with the inbound certification, they will talk a little bit about the HubSpot tool, but you don’t have to have HubSpot in order in understand inbound. HubSpot’s just one tool that works well when it comes to inbound marketing, but their courses are really going to do a lot to help educate you to get more out of HubSpot.

Now, the cool thing is HubSpot has opened up a number of free tools that you can use to get more from inbound marketing, where you can do plug-ins on your website and forms and popups and slide-ins, and things of that nature, as well as, a CRM that you can use, but really it’s these courses, these education courses that are really going to help you get the most out of your online marketing. Highly recommend the inbound certification, and it’s a nice certification to add to your Linkedin profile or other things.

Moz SEO Training

The last course is the SEO training course by Moz. If you’re looking at getting into SEO, and you want to understand SEO, and you want to begin to implement SEO, this is a great course for you. It’s got tons of content. Over three and a half hours of videos. All done from Moz team. A lot is Rand Fishkin and his whiteboard Fridays. This is people who know, they live and breathe SEO. These are people that you can trust to teach you the right practices, the best practices. Things are not going to get you hit by Google or dinged by Google.

This is a great course. It’s done on Udemy. It’s a free course. You just have to have a Udemy account. Once you log in you can watch these videos, you can access them anytime, anywhere. You do get a certificate of completion when you’re done. Again, it’s nice to put on your Linkedin profile and other professional profiles. This course is perfect for people who are new to SEO or even those who have been in the SEO community for a while and want to get a refresher of best practices when it comes to search engine optimization.

Now, I have a bonus site for you, and this is a little bit of a selfish plug, but I do think we have a ton of great content on here. On our Hack My Growth page* we have three courses available to you. We have one called Simplified Search. It’s a practical approach to SEO, and this is a course that I’ve put together on understanding how search engines work, and how you can learn search engine optimization and begin to execute it. It’s also filled with a ton of free templates to get you started and to get you going. We have a free course that’s all about building a business and contacts. It’s really about high-level business practices, and how do you build a business that’s attractive to people. Then we have a really short course for creating an SEO-friendly website. This is really a specific course that talks 100% about on-page SEO, helping optimize your site for search.

*Editor’s Note: The Hack My Growth site has evolved into our Simplified Search course site where we offer courses to help you master using structured data and schema.org for rich results and how to optimize for semantic search

If you’re interested in any of these courses please comment below. I’d love to give you a discount or a coupon if you want to give me some feedback. If you really want to get more out of search and you would like to learn a little bit more about what I do and the things that I teach around this is a free bonus site that you can go and check out for yourself.

Alright. That wraps up this episode of Hack My Growth. We shared four free digital marketing courses that we highly recommend. If you get any questions please comment below. Until next time, Happy Marketing.

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