3 Simple Online Marketing Tips to Convert Website Visits Into Business Leads

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In order to be successful, beginning with the end goal in mind is essential. You can’t just start something and hope you end up where you want to go. You have to plan. Most companies build a website hoping to create traffic and generate leads, but they never really set firm goals. The reality is many websites fail to create the desired outcome because of a lack of clear vision before the development process. If you’ve been frustrated by lack of results from your site, don’t fret! We have 3 simple online marketing tips to help you covert more visitors into business leads!

Your website should be working for you! That’s why you had it built in the first place. The truth is, just because you have a website, doesn’t mean it will create business for you. By using these 3 simple online marketing tips you will start to convert your visitors into leads.

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#1 Add A Call-To-Action

Too often we assume people will go to the pages we want them to go naturally. We have to stop assuming and need to take action. In order to have our visitors go deeper into our site and convert we must give them clear direction. A call-to-action is a simple, yet direct way to lead your visitors in the right direction.

A few tips when creating a call-to-action: 

  1. Use a different color to stand out from the page. Think complimentary colors that will stand out.
  2. Use action-based text like “Click Here for More” or “Take Action.”
  3. Make sure you link to the appropriate page. Nothing is more annoying to a user than being directed to a wrong page.

#2 Create Landing Pages

Landing pages are essential to converting visitors into leads. Your landing pages need to have an offer that creates value for the visitor. This establishes your business as a trusted source for information and gives you more leverage as you nurture your lead through the buyer’s journey.

A few tips for your landing pages:

  1. Remove navigation. You want to keep the visitors on the landing page and encourage them to fill out the form. This is essential for you to continue to nurture that lead.
  2. Create appropriate offers. Make sure you are giving away good information that your visitors want and need.
  3. Remove other links from navigating away from the page. Again, you want your visitors to convert via the form.

#3 Create User Friendly Forms

Forms are a great way to get more information from your visitors. Forms are used mostly on landing pages where the visitor must give us some information before we deliver our free offering. When creating a form it’s important that we use best practices to improve our conversion rate.

A few tips when creating forms

  1. Make sure your ask matches your offer. Don’t ask for too much information from your visitor.
  2. Keep it clear. Don’t make them work harder than needed.
  3. Redirect them to the offer page. In-line thank you’s are less personal and less effective.

In today’s ever increasing online world, having a website that converts visitors into leads is essential to any business looking to grow. By using and implementing a digital marketing strategy your business will begin seeing the benefits of having a website that works for you! Remember add a call-to-action to every page, create compelling landing pages and forms that are user friendly. By using these 3 simple online marketing tips you will start to convert your website visits into business leads.

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