3 Keys to Generating Better Business Leads

3 Keys to Generating Better Business Leads

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One of the most common questions I get is, “How can I increase the number and quality of business leads generated through my website?” What appears on the surface to be a simple question, is actually very complex.  While I wish there was an easy answer to solve this problem, the truth is there’s not. Each business is unique and so is their customer base. These 2 variables alone present a number of new questions that must be answered in order to generate better business leads. But, with that being said, there are 3 keys, you can begin to apply to your marketing efforts today, to help you attract higher quality business leads to your website.

Not every lead is a good lead. You need to know who you are targeting before you can craft a message that speaks directly to them. Check out this buyer persona guide to help you better define your audience. But for the purpose of this post, let’s assume you do have a good idea of who your customers are. This leads us to the 3 keys to generating better business leads; expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness.

Expertise: What You Know

Expertise is relative to industry. A medical professional needs to be able to show their expertise in a very different way than say, a realtor. Nonetheless, people visiting your site want to know that you know what you’re talking about. Your site’s content should back this up. From your home page to your blog posts and the offers you are presenting to your visitors, if you can’t prove your expertise the chances of them converting into leads drops drastically.

Authoritativeness: Why Should They Listen

After you’ve established your expertise in a particular area, the next key is to establish a level of authority. Your visitors not only want to know you know your stuff, but they want to see proof. There are a number of ways to establish authority. Joining industry communities with good reputations, having other industry experts and leaders give you a shout out or recommend your product or service are a few ways to build authoritativeness. Adding these types of elements into your website will help increase your authority and give more of an incentive for your visitors to convert.

Trustworthiness: Why Should They Believe You?

This is probably the most import key of the three. You can have all of the expertise and authority in the world, but without trust, your visitors will not convert. This is the missing link for most companies looking to generate more business leads. Adding REAL customer reviews, testimonials and creating personalized content to your site is a great way to build trust with your readers. Notice the emphasis on real. Don’t make stuff up! If you get caught, you will lose trust immediately.


Generating better quality business leads isn’t rocket science, but it is personal. We have to first understand our customers and how what we offer impacts them. Then we need to follow these 3 key elements and ensure we have them throughout our content. Embracing these 3 keys to generating better business leads, will not only attract higher quality traffic, but also convert more of that traffic into leads. To learn more on how these 3 elements also impact your SEO, check out this post. Expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness are the building blocks to helping your business connect with the people who need what you have.

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