14 Days of Social Media Post Ideas

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For successful social media marketing, pages, and profiles need to be updated regularly with quality content. No matter how small or large the following of a page, consistency is key. However, being consistent can be difficult if you’re struggling to come up with content to post every day.

Two Weeks of Social Media Content

Save time thinking about what to post every day with 14 new ideas for social media content to engage users.

  1. Inspirational Quote – Everyone loves to feel inspired. Find quotes that will resonate with your audience and create a graphic or gif to showcase the quote. Visual content is more likely to catch users’ eyes than just a text post.
  2. Customer Testimonials – When clients leave positive reviews on Google, Facebook, or Yelp, turn their review into a graphic to post on social media.
  3. Answer FAQs – If your company receives a lot of the same questions, answer them on your social media channels. Answering FAQs could be turned into a series on social media and spread out over several weeks.
  4. Blog Posts – Share your new blog posts to social media every time they are posted. Direct links to your blog posts can help boost traffic and convert leads with calls-to-action.
  5. Tips and Tricks – Whether you’re offering tips and tricks for your product, or life in general, users will engage with your content if they find it helpful.
  6. Tutorials – The best way for customers to learn about your product or service is by you showing them how it works. Tutorial videos, especially on Youtube, are sure to drive social media traffic.
  7. Old Popular Content – If a video, image, or blog post performed well in the past, try resharing it.
  8. Behind the Scenes – Give your audience a glimpse of behind-the-scenes, whether this is production, design, or even in the office. This element of peeking behind the curtain gives your brand more authenticity.
  9. Employee Spotlight – Another social media series is a weekly employee spotlight, showcasing a member of your team. These spotlights can include their job title, how long they’ve been with the organization, what they enjoy about working there, and a little about their personal life.
  10. Host a Giveaway – Social media users love a good giveaway. Giveaways typically require users to like, follow, comment, and share as a means to enter the giveaway. Be sure to follow all legal requirements of a giveaway before posting.
  11. Share a Win or Success – Take to social media when your company closes a big deal or has a great sales month.
  12. Share a Loss or Failure – It’s just as important to share losses as it is wins. If something didn’t go your way, it’s OK to share it and let your audience know how you plan to grow from it. Show your audience there are real people behind the brand name and logo.
  13. Takeover – Sometimes brands will have employees take control of social media channels for a day to share their day-to-day life in the office. Brands with established influencers will have influencers take over Instagram or Snapchat to post as well.
  14. History of the Brand or Product – Take your audience back in time and share the history of how your brand got started. A timeline infographic or slideshow video can do a great job of explaining this information, as well as catching the attention of your audience.

Stay Organized with a Social Media Calendar

One of the best ways to guarantee consistency in social media marketing is to create a content calendar and schedule posts ahead of time. If your main job is something other than social media and posting is an additional task, it’s easy to let posting slip your mind. Save time and stay consistent by planning your content ahead of time.

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