13 Facts That Prove Growth-Driven Web Design Is Your Best Option

13 Facts That Prove Growth Driven Web Design Is Your Best Option

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When it comes to your inbound marketing efforts, your website is your home base. It’s the hub where your company can attract new visitors, connect with them, and convert them into customers. In today’s online economy, consumers make extremely quick decisions on whether or not they will engage with a particular website. 40% of people will abandon a web page if it takes more than three seconds to load.

With growth-driven web design, we focus on the user and how they want and need our website to function. By using information gathered by our site and its users, we can make better decisions on the elements we need to add to our sites. Still need more proof? Check out the infographic below.

13 Facts That Prove Growth-Driven Web Design is Your Best Option

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What we can learn from these stats is huge. By embracing a growth-driven web design approach, we can build our site around the user and add features that actually convert instead of just guessing what our users need. Your website is a huge asset to your company, so wouldn’t you want to maximize its effectiveness?

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