Google Analytics Services

Knowledge is Only Potential Power. Learn How to Put Your Data Into Action

Helping You Make Sense of Your Data

"Big Data, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence."  What do all of these buzz words have to do with success in modern business?  EVERYTHING.

It’s true in any aspect of life, and nowhere more so than in business. Companies that have access to critical information and the ability to analyze, understand, and act upon it will always have an edge over the competition.

You can have all the fancy tools and the biggest budget in the world, but no marketing effort will ever be successful if it’s not based on good information. That’s why we provide you with detailed, actionable business intelligence to help you understand what’s happening in the market, and systems and tools that aid in your strategic planning and marketing decisions.

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Business intelligence or (BI) is a technology-driven process for analyzing data and presenting actionable information to help executives, managers and other corporate end users make informed business decisions.  Our BI services are designed to take the mystery out of your data and help you put it into action. 

As Google Analytics certified professionals, we understand how to track, analytize and visualize your data. But that's just the beginning. Our team can build a customized marketing BI solution for you utilizing the power of Google Cloud. 

Imagine being able to track, analyze and optimize your marketing campaigns based on data from real users! Success using big data analytics takes more than just installing a tracking script.

Our team can help in the following areas.

  • Google Analytic Implementation
  • Google Tag Manager Optimization
  • Data Visualization Using Google Data Studio and Google Sheets
  • Data Management
  • Custom Reporting
  • and more!

By studying you analytics we gain an intimate understanding of customer behaviors and performance metrics, and stay on top of new trends and changes in the industry. All this information is compiled and analyzed to support competent, effective, data-driven marketing for your business that produces real results.

Want to see more? Check out this video we did on the power of Data Studio!